The XD Awning Connector (9120, 9121) is part of our RacksBrax XD range.

The XD Awning Connector is used in conjunction with the RacksBrax XD Hitch and is engineered to suit the Alu-Cab 270 Degree Shadow Awning and the Quick Pitch Weathershade 20 Second Awning. The use of these products allows for the quick release or reloading of these awnings in seconds, saving wear and tear on gear for those times when not in use.

The XD Awning Connector accommodates awnings with spine spacings that fall outside the usual 100-120mm centres that the XD Hitch would usually otherwise suit. They suit use with the Alu Cab and Quick Pitch brackets or the RacksBrax XD AB 0-15 Adjustable Brackets.

XD Awning Connectors come in double and triple sets. Refer to the XD Hitch for the appropriate number of Hitches (and matching number of Connectors) and recommendations related to wind, rain and snow.