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Frequently Asked Questions



Heavy Duty.

The HD Hitch range has been manufactured from glass-reinforced nylon to provide a tough, strong material to ensure the HD Hitch is robust in all harsh weather conditions.

To make your awning freestanding without your vehicle.

The Prop Cleats are fastened to either end of the spine of the pull-out awning to provide anchor points for the guy ropes so the awning may be set freestanding.

Read our blog on how to easily do it yourself!


The HD Hitch will take most tube clamps where the tube clamps have fastener centres in the range 43 to 48mm, i.e. these are typical pull-out awning double track centres. 


The HD Hitch Tradesman II pack comes with two sets of holders; one set for the pull-out awning and one set for a storage tube. The Tradesman III pack comes with three holders, i.e. a set of three for the pull-out awning and a set of three for the storage tube.

Both of these packs include one pair of HD Hitch Wall Mounts to store one of the accessories on a wall.


All fasteners needed to install the HD Hitch system to your vehicle and roof rack accessory are included in all HD Hitch packs to suit both M6 and M8 bracket holes.

Stanless steel.

All RacksBrax fasteners (included in the box) are made of stainless steel.

Ideally, an open-ended spanner and a socket wrench, a 10mm for M6 bolts or 13mm for M8 bolts.

All bolts and fasteners are included in the box across our entire range of Hitches.

The Bodies, Holders, Pins and Prop Cleats in the HD Hitch range are manufactured from fully engineered, glass-reinforced nylon.

All nylon components and packaging are locally manufactured (in Brisbane).



Provided the roof rack is able to accept a suitable awning bracket (typically an L bracket) the HD Hitch will suit most roof racks on the market currently from leading brands where the spine tracks are in the range 43mm to 52mm


The HD Hitch fits the most commonly available pull-out awnings; both double track or single track spines.


Most pull-out awnings come with (and require) "L" brackets or a variation of the "L" brackets and the body of the HD Hitch attaches to these brackets.

2 (in most cases).

Generally, two is sufficient, as long as the maximum load limit of 20kg per load point (roof rack connection) is not exceeded.

Most pull-out awnings are 8-16kg or 4-8kgs per connection so two (with a total 40kg capacity) are generally more than sufficient. The HD Hitch Tradesman III Pack gives you an additional roof rack connection of 20kg for loads up to 60kg.

However, all loads must not exceed the roof rack manufacturer’s specified load limit.


It fits most single track awnings. Typically, single track pull-out awnings are fastened with M8 square head or “T” Bolts. These should be used to fasten the HD Hitch accessory holder to the awning.


Both the Holder (awning/accessory side) and the Body (bracket/vehicle side) of the Hitch have hole spacings that handle accessory/awnings' spine tracks or bracket holes in the range of 40 to 52mm.

There are 2 holes that suit M8 or M6 bolts (in the case of M6 it uses both the M6 and M8 washers). This dimension suits most double track pull-out awnings. All fasteners and bolts needed to install the HD Hitch system to your vehicle and roof rack accessory are included in the box across our entire HD Hitch range.

There is also a single hole to attach single track pull-out awnings, such as the Rhino Rack Sunseeker® awning.

This can happen when on a curved vehicle roof or roof rails. Some tolerance is built into the HD Hitch range by allowing a small amount of pendulum movement to ensure the bracket bodies are parallel to each other and vertical.



The HD Hitch has been designed by structural/mechanical engineers using state-of-the-art finite element analysis. Load testing has been carried out to ensure the safe loading of 20kg per Hitch is, indeed, safe.

20kg (44lbs) per load point. 2 load points (typically) have a tested max. load of 40kg combined (20kg x 2).

The maximum load is 20kg (44lbs) per load point, i.e. the HD Hitch Standard Pack or HD Hitch Tradesman II Pack is 2 x 20kg (2 x 44lb). The HD Hitch Tradesman III Pack is 3 x 20kg/3 x 44lb. Always ensure the load on the roof rack does not exceed the roof rack manufacturer’s specified load limit.

Yes, as you would with all other roof rack accessories.

As with all roof racks and roof rack accessories, it is good practice to check/tighten all fittings on a semi-regular basis. This is especially important when travelling on rough roads.  Bolts should be tightened to the torque specified in the fitting instructions.


The lock should be locked once the pin is inserted (see instructions). Whilst the pin has a positive engagement with the body, locking the barrel lock ensures there is no pin movement.



An in-built barrel lock (in each Body) is supplied across the HD Hitch Standard Pack, HD Hitch Tradesman II and HD Hitch Tradesman III Packs.

An in-built barrel lock.

These are pre-fitted to the HD Hitch Body across our entire HD Hitch range.

Yes (recommended).

Locking the accessory not only keeps the criminals at bay but ensures that it is impossible for the Pin to move out of the Hitch Body.

1. Unlock the lock leaving the key in the barrel then extract the pin.

2. Take a fine flat-bladed screwdriver (e.g. 2mm or 2/16th” across) and insert this through the lower portion of the pin insertion hole and depress the only visible tumbler (small protrusion sticking out from the lock cylinder that holds the lock inside the HD Hitch Body) whilst at the same time twisting the key in a “jiggling” fashion.

3. The lock cylinder will then slip out.

4. To replace the lock, simply insert the key in the new lock which will cause all but the “inner” tumbler to withdraw into the cylinder.

5. Depress the “inner” tumbler with a fine flat-bladed screwdriver and slip the lock into the Body.

6. When fully inserted the “inner” tumbler will spring out and hold the barrel in the body.

You can buy replacement locks by ordering through our website here.



You will need to purchase two standard tent poles and two “C” cups located in the top end of these tent poles.

For the most stable freestanding awning, you will also need to ensure you have a total of eight guy ropes, two of which are typically provided with your pull-out awning.

Our entire HD Hitch range comes with two Prop Cleats to facilitate pitching the freestanding awning. These are used as anchor points (each for 2 guy ropes) on the spine (vehicle) side of the awning.

M6 and M8 standard bolts are provided (in the box) for these. The Prop Cleats are fastened via the awning spine tracks. For the single track awning 2 square head or “T” bolts are supplied for this purpose.

Read our blog on how to easily do it yourself!



But our design engineers our busily designing and testing a new model for wing-style awnings.

Stay tuned and watch this space!


This is not be possible currently. But our design engineers our busily designing and testing a new model for wing-style awnings.

Stay tuned and watch this space!


You can simply place it on a shelf or purchase an HD Hitch Wall Mount Pack.

This gives you two additional Bodies to fasten to the wall of your garage, basement, man cave etc. The HD Hitch Wall Mounts simply need to be fastened to a wall at the same centres as your roof rack rails.

Note: There are HD Hitch Wall Mounts included in the HD Hitch Tradesman II and Tradesman III Packs.

If you have an HD Hitch Standard Pack you will need to purchase the HD Hitch Wall Mount Pack separately.


Individual HD Hitch components can be purchased through our website.

View our entire range of Spare Parts.


These are available to purchase through our website.


These are available in pairs and come with a replacement barrel lock/key, available to purchase through our website.

If you have lost the key but the HD Hitch is locked, you will need to contact RacksBrax via advising the key code which (along with being on the key shaft) is stamped on the outer face of the Barrel Lock.


5 years limited warranty.*

*The warranty is for 5 years on nylon components and 1 year on other components such as the Barrel Lock.

For more details refer to warranty details on the website.