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Change over your heavy loads in less than 10 seconds with this pack of three quick release hitches for those extra heavy roof rack accessories; particularly heavy conduit tubes. You can quickly swap from Tradie to Camper in no time!

The RacksBrax HD Hitch Tradesman III includes a set of three glass-reinforced nylon hitches with stainless steel fasteners to lock-on and take off extra heavy roof rack accessories including pull-out awnings, ensuite tents and conduit tubes. Accessory brackets to suited to roof racks are not included.

In the box includes an extra set of RacksBrax HD Wall Mounts to attach your awning and/or other roof rack accessories to a garage wall, etc. when not in use.

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See the NEW RacksBrax HD Hitch Accessory Plate and NEW RacksBrax HD Hitch Accessory Bars. Combined with a RacksBrax HD Hitch it’s now just 10 seconds to load or remove your recovery boards!

Download instructions (also included in the box) on how to fit your RacksBrax HD Hitch.

What's inside the box?


2 x Bodies: these bolt directly onto a roof rack or roof rack mounted awning bracket.
2 x Holders: these bolt directly onto the pull-out awning or conduit tube clamps.
2 x Pins (with lanyard): this ties each Body and Holder together on the roof rack; all of which are locked together with an in-built barrel lock.
2 x Prop Cleats: which allow a pull-out awning to be pitched freestanding once it is erected off the side of a vehicle. See instructions for more detail.
Stainless steel fasteners: to suit both M6 and M8 sized drill holes in either the accessory bracket or the roof rack; both bolt sizes are also provided to allow for awning spine tracks which suit M6 or M8 bolts.

Pack size: 210mm x 125mm x 90mm
Pack weight: 1.2kg



Includes the Standard Pack and a Wall-Mount Pack (2 x bodies to fix to a garage wall to quickly swap from a pull-out awning to a conduit tube).

Pack size: 210mm x 125mm x 180mm
Pack weight: 2.0kg



Includes 3 x Bodies, 3 x Holders, 3 x Pins, 2 x Prop Cleats, Stainless steel fasteners, and the Wall-Mount Pack with 2 x bodies.

Pack size: 210mm x 125mm x 180mm
Pack weight: 2.5kg



Includes 2 x Bodies: these bolt directly onto your garage wall so an awning, tradesman tube or ensuite tent can be loaded onto a wall for storage when not in use. Wall fasteners are not included.

Pack size: 210mm x 120mm x 40mm
Pack weight: 0.3kg