The RacksBrax HD Hitch for ECOXGEAR® Soundbars (8184) allows you to fasten your ECOXGEAR® PowerSports Soundbars to a roof rack, under a shelf, on top of a shelf or on a canopy ceiling and then enables you to quickly store or remove your Soundbar for safe keeping. The kit includes a quick release HD Hitch (pair) and Adaptors (pair) for the Soundbar. Now you can head off into the great outdoors and enjoy your favourite music and then quickly and conveniently re-store your Soundbar for safety and security.

By using the supplied Soundbar Adaptor, the Soundbar fastens to the quick release RacksBrax HD Hitch. The Soundbar can either fasten via its feet or via the solid metal spine on the rear of the Soundbar.

Stainless steel fasteners are supplied in the kit to suit most fastening needs.

This kit enables the quick release (or storage) of the following ECOXGEAR® Soundbars:

  • SoundExtreme SE18
  • SoundExtreme SE26
  • SoundExtreme SEB26
  • SoundExtreme SED32


The HD Hitch for ECOXGEAR® Soundbars (8184) will also work with the HD Wall Mount (8160) or HD Lockable Wall Mount (8161) which includes one pair of quick release Bodies so that your ECOXGEAR® Soundbar can be fixed to a garage wall, etc. when not in use.