Australian designed, owned and made.

RacksBrax is a family-owned Australian business made up of keen campers and 4WDers.

With many years of camping and exploring under our belt we know what it takes to make our holiday adventures and day trips great fun.  But, that’s not to say we don’t have the odd mishap or two, including an exploding diff on a recent Simpson Desert crossing … but that’s what makes our adventures so much more exciting!

So how did RacksBrax come about?  Packing and unpacking, leaving gear on the roof – there’s lots of reasons but it really gets down to making the preparation and clean-up at either end of an adventure as simple and as easy as possible. Hence, the idea of the fast release hitch was born.

At RacksBrax, we want your adventures, and ours, to be exciting and easy – all at the same time. So our philosophy is to develop new and innovative Australian-made products for the 4WD, caravan and camping community which complement existing products on the market; and then get them to you as quickly as possible.

RacksBrax Fast on Fast off

Quality design and manufacture for safety and function are the hallmark of what we do. Product designs are developed by our local Australian designers and engineers using state of the art technology and products are tested in the field to make sure they meet with the RacksBrax rigorous standards. And, yes, they are manufactured in Australia – it doesn’t get better than that.

We hope to see you out there enjoying the great outdoors; and, don’t forget to take off on your next adventure with a fast and easy hitch set from the RacksBrax range.