The HD Hitch Tradesman III (8163, 8181) (pat. pend) is part of our RacksBrax HD range.


The HD Hitch Tradesman III (8163) is ideal for:

  - Awnings or accessories with spine track spacings between 40-52mm
  - 3 mounting points (e.g. 1 vehicle + 2 awnings/accessories)
  - Awnings or accessories with a max. load of 60kg (i.e. 20kg x 3 loading points)

The HD Hitch Tradesman III (8163) will fit most shower tents, pull-out and some wing awnings (see our comprehensive compatibility chart for specific awning compatibility). If your awning or accessory does not appear in our chart, please feel free to reach out to the Team via our Contact page.


The HD Hitch Tradesman III (SUPA PEG MODEL) (8181) is ideal for:

  - SUPA PEG awnings with a single spine track with spacing of 33mm
  - Pull-out and some wing-style SUPA PEG awnings with 3 mounting points (e.g. 1 vehicle + 2 awnings/accessories)
  - Awnings or accessories with a max. load of 60kg (i.e. 20kg x 3 loading points)
  - NOTE: the SUPA PEG 270 Outbound Shield 6 requires the XD Hitch and XD Multi-Awn Adaptor.


The HD Hitch Tradesman III (8163, 8181) will also work with our entire RacksBrax HD Accessory range:

  - The HD Wall Mount (8160) or HD Lockable Wall Mount (8161) includes one pair of quick release Bodies so that your roof rack accessory can be fixed to a garage wall, etc. when not in use.
  - HD Accessory Plate (8174) and/or HD Accessory Bars (8173) for removing recovery boards quickly.
  - HD Adaptor Bars which adds compatibility to some wing awnings (see compatibility chart above for more).
  - HD Bracket range which connects your HD Hitch with most roof bar- and platform-style racks.


The RacksBrax HD Hitch Tradesman III (8163, 8181) includes a set of 3 UV-stabilised, glass-reinforced nylon hitches with stainless steel fasteners to lock-on and take off roof rack accessories including pull-out awnings, ensuite tents and conduit tubes Roof racks and accessory brackets suited to roof racks are not included.

ALSO in the box includes an extra set of RacksBrax HD Wall Mounts and HD Holders to attach your awning and/or other roof rack accessories to a garage wall, etc. when not in use.


Lost your instructions? Download PDF instructions on how to fit your RacksBrax products straight to your device from our Guides and Videos page.

NOTE: Awnings must be restrained in windy conditions, drained during rain and cleared during snow.