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How can I make my awning freestanding?

November 22, 2019

How can I make my awning freestanding?

Make your awning stand up on its own with our HD Hitch range.

One of the things that blows people's minds is how we can make any pull-out awning (Foxwing Hitch range coming soon... watch this space) stand on its own without your vehicle in the way so it frees it up to go shopping, 4WDing somewhere else, etc. etc.

Using our HD Hitch range and Prop Cleats that come in the box, easily make your awning freestanding in no time at all! 🌊

What you'll need
    • Any of our RacksBrax HD Hitches fixed to your vehicle and awning of choice
    • Prop Cleats fixed to your awning (included in the box)
    • 8 x guys ropes (we recommend 8; 2 for each corner) (not included)
    • 8 x pegs (appropriate for the composition of the surface you want your awning to be standing on) (not included)
    • Mallet (not included: it couldn't fit in the box)

Just a few simple steps ...

1. Set up your pull-out awning as normal.

Freestanding - Setup normally

2. Place a pair of tent poles, featuring a c-clip, close to your vehicle. Attach these poles to the horizontal bars on your awning.

Freestanding - C Clips

3. Attach a guy rope to the Prop Cleats at the front and rear sides of the vehicle and tighten pegs.

(We highly recommend using at least 2 ropes per corner for better stability)

Freestanding - Guy ropes

Freestanding - Prop Cleat

4. Unhitch awning from vehicle and rest weight on C-clip tent poles.

Freestanding - Unhitch

5. Move your vehicle.

Freestanding - Move vehicle

6. Place another set of guy ropes around Prop Cleats and peg where your vehicle was.

(We also highly recommend using at least 2 ropes per corner for better stability)

Freestanding - More guy ropes

7. Adjust pegs and pole placement if required.

Freestanding - Adjust if necessary

Make it freestanding ...

At the beach ... or

Freestanding - Beach

At your campsite!

Freestanding - Campsite

Where are you going to make your awning freestanding over the weekend? 🏕️


Take off on your next adventure!

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