The RacksBrax Packers are made of a UV stable Polystone® Pipe Grade material. Each one measures 100mm x 70mm x 12mm thick and provides a packing base for various brackets. This is only required where a 12mm packing thickness is required to overcome the perimeter lip present on some roof racks. The Packers are ideally suited to the Wedgetail® roof rack (1 x 12mm Packer per bracket) and the Front Runner® Slimline II® roof racks (2 x 12mm Packers per bracket).

Packers are provided in doubles (2 packers per pack) or triples (3 packers per pack) to suit rack type and number of brackets.

Each Packer will require holes to be drilled with a 9 mm drill bit to suit the particular bracket you have purchased, either a RacksBrax product or bracket by others.

Alternate packers are also available that come with the appropriate M8 304 stainless steel fasteners, drill hole templates and instructions to suit RacksBrax L Brackets, Adjustable Brackets (Short Foot) and XD Side Twist Brackets (Short Foot). Refer to product codes 1002, 1003, 1004 and 1005.