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Taking off to Bribie for the day!

November 15, 2019

Taking off to Bribie for the day

Making the most of a stunning day at Bribie!

It was a cracker of a morning. Getting up early and packing everything into the Prado was pretty smooth sailing for the most part.

The earliest dead low was 8:30am so we had to be out there pretty early if we didn't want the tide washing up as we were leaving in the afternoon.

We setup for the morning and the sun was shining ever so brightly. We decided on the best course of action: setting up the awning and sitting in the shade 😎

With the RacksBrax HD Hitch and Prop Cleats (found in the box too) fastened to the back of your awning roof rack accessory, you can leave it freestanding in no time at all! 

Unzip your awning

Unfold your awning

Secure your awning with its poles

Awning reverse view

Attach C poles

Secure and take awning off your vehicle with ease using the RacksBrax Hitch

Awning is now freestanding once the Cleats have been secured using ropes

Close up of RacksBrax Holders attached the awning accessory

Enjoy the beach!

We definitely had a fantastic day out in the sun (AND the shade too!).

So where are you off to over the weekend? 🏝️


Take off on your adventure!

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