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All about that fast on, fast off

August 27, 2019

All about that fast on, fast off


Is the preparation for your next adventure a chore?

Getting that awning or roof rack storage tube on and off your 4WD, camper trailer, caravan or RV just got easier so you can get on the road faster. Too good to be true? The RacksBrax HD Hitch does just that. Here’s how it works...


RacksBrax has engineered an innovative roof rack hitch for locking on or taking off accessories from your roof rack in less than 10 seconds; so:

  • don’t leave your awning in the weather to fade and fall apart
  • no more mould between your off-road, fishing or touring trips
  • store your storage tube quickly on the RacksBrax Wall-Mount, and
  • improve your fuel economy and reduce drag on your, now, awning-free vehicle

RacksBrax Fast on Fast off animationAccessories, such as tradie tubes, can also be conveniently stored in your garage and locked-on to your roof rack quickly when you need them. You can even set up another pair of RacksBrax Wall-Mounts on your garage wall to conveniently store your awning ready for your next adventure.


Take off on your next adventure!

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