Awning Buyer’s Guide – Vehicle awnings and why price matters

July 08, 2024

Awning Buyer’s Guide – Vehicle awnings and why price matters

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If you’re on the hunt for a vehicle awning for your getaway, no doubt price is something you have considered when trying to pick out the best awning for your needs. We’ve broken down what you should expect when you are looking for an awning into different price ranges so you can make an informed decision when it comes to making your decision. The features shown in the price bands below should be viewed as a guide only and are in Australian Dollars. This guide is mainly applicable to the Australian market.

Whilst this is not a universal rule, you usually get what you pay for.
The lowest priced awnings are just that, they are likely to have a shorter life and offer less features while the more expensive awnings will likely last longer and offer more features, warranties, and aftersales support as well.

Have a read of our previous blog [read it here in full] to see all the features of an awning and why they matter.


4x4 awnings racksbrax
$150 - $500 (Lowest Price Range)

This is typically for pull-out style awnings; those at the AUD 500-end are usually excellent quality. Those at the AUD 150-end generally being in the “get what you pay for” category.

Vehicle mounted shower awnings usually also fall into this price range with more features at the high-end including fabric quality and adjustability, typically not available at the lower end.


4x4 awnings racksbrax
$500 - $1000 (Low price range)

This price range is typically for good quality pull-out awnings or the low-end 270 degree wing style awnings. If they are a 270 degree wing awning, they typically have a very basic structural frame; that is, spine and rafters, with light-weight canopy fabric. These are missing many of the features listed in the medium to high price ranges below.

Some 180 degree awnings of medium quality can be found at the higher end of this price range often when on special.


4x4 awnings racksbrax
$1000 - $1600 (Medium price range)

Most wing awnings, or 180-degree or 270-degree awnings, fall within this price range. You can expect coated steel awning brackets with your awning.
The fabric is typically a better quality such as the heavier ripstop fabric while the rafters and hinge structure are reasonably robust, meaning these will provide better support while your awning is open to the elements.

The stowing straps, these hold the awning tightly when stowed inside the cover bag, would typically be Velcro top and bottom or one Velcro strap from above with a buckle strap from below. When the awning is rolled and strapped it should allow a snug fit for the awning cover.

In addition, the awning’s cover bag is usually made from a material that breathes or drains and may have zip water barriers or some sort of zip flap to stop water ingress from the front of the vehicle which helps keep out moisture. Zipper quality is important, so the bag can be easily zipped and unzipped, without jamming.
Lastly, your awning’s fasteners are typically stainless steel which makes them resistant to rust and corrosion. The awning spine or backbone is stiff and is typically aluminium extrusion.

Some 180 degree awnings of good quality can be found in this price range.


4x4 awnings racksbrax

In this range, awnings will typically have more of the features listed below:

  • Quality brackets; in some cases, brackets may be stainless steel, but may not always be included in the price
  • Quality fabric; typically, a heavier ripstop fabric than at the mid to lower end or a quality canvas at the higher priced end
  • Robust rafter structure and hinge
  • “Freestanding” awnings are also provided with some poles, guy ropes and pegs for use in windy, rainy and snow conditions
  • Quality storage bag that breathes or drains or has zip protectors or forward flap to stop water ingress; all of these features are available at the higher end
  • Quality feel to the zippers on the bag; they need to be easily zipped and unzipped with a solid feel and not jam
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Reasonable to long life expectancy and corresponding warranty
  • Stiff spine which may be an aluminium extrusion or an aluminium frame
  • Quality straps to keep the awing easily stowed in the cover bag
  • Manufacturer usually stipulates the maximum unsupported length of the awning passt the bracket support, for the front and rear
  • Typically, overall heavier weight due to fabrication from more substantial materials

As this price range is quite wide, typically the higher-end has much more of the quality features listed above. Some 180 degree awnings of very high quality can be found in this price range.

All in all

If you’re looking to buy an awning, typically you really do get what you pay for. Invest in a quality awning and you’ll be cool as a cucumber under its shade for years to come!


Add a set of RacksBrax Hitches to prolong the life of your awning

To help prolong the life of your awning, you should also invest in a set of RacksBrax quick release hitches for your awning. The RacksBrax quick release hitches let you remove your awning for easy storage in seconds. All without tools and you can lock it on with the inbuilt barrel lock!

Go to the “Works With” [view page] menu on the RacksBrax website to see what RacksBrax quick release hitches, brackets and accessories you need for your specific awning and roof rack set up. Otherwise, shoot us an email at with your query and we’ll get back to you ASAP!


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