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Aussie, Aussie, Aussie: from Idea to Shelves

December 23, 2019

Aussie Aussie Aussie: Designed, made and owned.


We are proudly Australian, through and through... and it all started with a brilliant idea from deep within the Simpson Desert.


☀️ // JUNE 2017
This is where it all began … the first prototype for the RacksBrax Hitch was handmade and tested in the Simpson Desert via the Birdsville Bash.

✂️ // AUGUST 2017
A revised prototype was made from aluminium.

📐 // OCTOBER 2017
Our Brisbane mechanical / structural engineers came on board to look at a steel version which quickly morphed into a completely different concept and material … glass-reinforced nylon. Making sure the idea remained an Australian Product was at the forefront of our designers' brief.

📝 // NOVEMBER 2017 – NOVEMBER 2018
The design process was fast and furious. The product design further evolved and we worked with Brisbane injection moulders and a series of 3D prints and then later CNC models, were developed, load tested and trialled with substantial changes occurring to both concept and design.

✏️ Changes meant that accessories could be removed more quickly, with limited effort and safely. We wanted to be able to access the “disconnect” mechanism from as low down on the roof rack as possible and we wanted a built-in locking mechanism.

🌁 // NOVEMBER 2018 – JULY 2019
We fine-tuned the injection mould design, had the moulds made and began production in Brisbane with B&C Plastics.

🧪 // JULY 2019 – SEPTEMBER 2019
A second round of full-scale load testing and real world Outback testing took place, in both the Simpson Desert and in Western Queensland.

⛵️ // 19 SEPTEMBER 2019
We *officially* launched the RacksBrax HD Hitch range at the Cleveland Caravan, Camping and Boating Expo in Queensland.

🎉 // OCTOBER 2019
We sell our first RacksBrax HD Hitch through ARB Capalaba!


Hasn't it been an exciting year!

We couldn't be more thankful to our team that has poured so much love and effort into the entire process, from start to finish.

The Team at RacksBrax would like to wish everyone a wonderful holidays and may they be filled with memorable adventures!


Take off on your next adventure!

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