Burning Questions: Ask the inventor!

December 10, 2019

Bird's eye view of vehicle with RacksBrax and awning on the Bribie Island.


In a recent Instagram post, we asked our followers what kind of content did they want to see... and here we are!

We had our very own, 💬 Victoria, sit down with the boss (⚙️ THE INVENTOR) and asked him a few questions.


Ask the Inventor at RacksBrax!

 💬 Victoria // "First things first, where did the idea come from?"

⚙️ THE INVENTOR // "The idea was hatched trying to solve the problem of keeping the elements away from a nice new awning without the hassle of reinstalling and removing brackets every time the awning was needed. I just happened to be sitting under the awning watching the waves come in on beautiful Bribie Island when the idea started to take shape."


💬 Victoria // "That sounds like something that any 4WDing enthusiast would love to have solved! So then how long did the process take, from idea to in-store and on shelves?"

⚙️ THE INVENTOR // "Has anyone started with an idea and then developed a business quickly from that idea? From concept to our first sale at the Cleveland Caravan, Camping and Boating Expo Show in Brisbane, took an amazing two years. This was a huge effort; from designers to manufacturers and everyone in between."


💬 Victoria // "Wow. So many many ideas take much longer than that to actualise into something tangible! So, final question. Why did you choose glass-reinforced nylon for the Hitch's material anyway?"

⚙️ THE INVENTOR // "It’s all about strength, durability and the ability to ensure inclusion of UV stabilised additives. This means that the RacksBrax HD Hitch is exceptionally strong and UV resistant – this gives you the durability you need so that you can take off on your next adventure consistently and more importantly, safely."


💬 Victoria // "Well thanks so much for taking the time to sit down and answer a few questions our followers would love to know about... I know you're busily creating the next Hitch that has something to do with the 270 degree awnings out in the market currently..."

⚙️ THE INVENTOR // "No worries, I always love to sit down and have a chat. And yes... more to come on that one soon..."


To be continued...

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Take off on your adventure!

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